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    Selected, quality riding horses for sale.

  • 06/04/2019
    Registration for auction horses opened.

  • 12/04/2019 (11-16)
    22/04/2019 (10-16)
    04/05/2019 (10-16)
    Photo shoot of auction catalogue at Laha stable.

  • 24/04/2019
    Deadline for x-rays and catalogue photos / videos.

  • 29/05/2019
    Veterinary check for auction horses and test riding possibility at Laha stables (by buyers request).

  • 31/05/2019
    Horse auction.


1. Auction is open to all horses born in Finland and/or bred by a Finnish breeder.
2. Maximum of 20 sale horses will be selected for the auction. The auction organizer reserves the right to choose the most suitable horses for the auction.
3. No entry fee is collected from participating horses. The following services are available for purchase:

a. Catalogue video and photo. A photo shoot will be held at the Laha stables (Pornainen, Finland). The sale horse can take part in the catalogue photo shoot (video + photo) on a pre-disclosed date at Pornainen.
50 euros. Price includes photos and video for catalogue + processing.
i. Seller must provide a valid photo and video of the sale horse via huutokauppa@ttt-kisa.fi. The auction organizer reserves the right to refuse any photos or videos that are below acceptable standards (2480 x 1649 px, 300ppi, 720p).
b. Lodging for horse 35 euros/night. Lodging includes bedding, no feed.
c. In-hand presenter for Thursday's horse presentation and Friday's auction. 20 euros.
4. Potential buyers have the opportunity to inspect sale horses on a pre-disclosed time and date during Thursday and Friday. The seller, or representative of seller, must be present during test riding. The auction organizer is not responsible for tacking of sale horses or presenting them, this service is available separately.
5. Horse must be in good condition - lame or underweight horses will not be presented.
6. X-rays of sale horses;
- Navicular bone / distal sesamoid bone of front legs
- Fetlock joint, pastern joint, coffin joints from the side aligning to the fetlock. Picture must be cropped so that the tip of the coffin bone and the top tips of the sesamoid bone are in the same picture
- Hocks from inside and outside, so that the tip of the calcaneus and tibia are seen in the picture
- Stifles from the front and side, in a way that the patella is seen in the picture